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Responsive Public Space

Responsive Public Space

25. - 28. 09. 2013
Andräplatz in Graz

Konzept & Space Design:

ORTLOS Space Engineering AT/UK: Ivan Redi, Andrea Redi, Brigitta Zics, Gudrun Jöller, Hanno Fröhlich, Bernardo Daum, Dragan Danicic, Melanie Troger
Komposition und Audio Programming:  Hubert Machnik, D
Programmierung:  NIRI: Marko Smiljanic, Radica Velinov, Obrad Stajic, SRB Hardware Development
Visual Space: Sinisa Hristov, SRB
Personentracking:  ComputerVisionLab TU Wien: Martin Kampel, Andreas Zweng


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